Brussels: Stay awake Eu countries: Here is the army for the Super State: EURO GEND FORCE "EU-neighborhood-Force."

22 December 2011 -
Occupation troops against recalcitrant EU-member states?This 3,000-strong army has its headquarters far away from Brussels, in the north Italian city of Vicenza.
Was established, and supplied with soldiers,  is this troupe of five EU Member States: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands.
First,  all of its objectives, to serve the European security.

Gend Force soldiers enjoy  immunity.
Every EU- soldier, enjoys absolute immunity,  his actions, may not be challenged legally.
This entitles him, in the worst case even to murder.
The national legislation would be completely undermined.
In an EU country, this army, can take buildings and even take towns places be confiscated. Not even the highest authorities of the EU- country, still have no right to access this area.

One could assume then that Brussels has in fact, their own power introduced by Euro-Gend-Force.
As usual, of course, through the back door.
For the former DDR, a state-independent force in the Monday demonstrations would have been a useful stooge. But let us never forget: At sometime are  people will  becomes the enemy.
Posted by: Kopp-Verlag - Philipp Zisser.


Funny: Money is the DNA of the economy. What is your $ or € worth?

Photo: Mandarin Oriental New York.

All-in-day of pampering for body and mind.
A real day of relaxation. 
The Mandarin Oriental in New York provides a complete day of pampering for body and mind. The cost of the luxurious day of relaxation: 967 €.

Photo: The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo.

In "The Diamond Is Forever" martini is a diamond with a carat.
The drink at the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo will cost ...16.515 €.

Photo: Vision Photography/ the Ritz Carlton.
 The tsar's breakfast with champagne, oysters and caviar at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow. Cost item per person: 700 €.

Photo: Algonquin Hotel New York.
The "Martini on the Rock" in the Algonquin Hotel in New York. The "rock" (rock) is not an ice cube, but a real diamond. The price for the refreshing drink: $10 000 (7469 €).

Photo: Fr├ęgate Island Private Resort.
 This chocolate cake is served with 929 diamonds for Valentine's Day in Iceland Fregate Private Resort (Seychelles).and  will cost  € 3.8 million.

Photo: ZFL PRCo - AP/HO/ Fortress Hotel in Sri Lanka.  
A dream in chocolate and sugar with a 80-carat aquamarine.: Serves "The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence" since 2007 in the luxury hotel The Fortress in Sri Lanka for only 11 077 €.

Photo: Marquis Los Cabos in Mexiko .
A small refreshment, is the Marquis Los Cabos Resort in Mexico. This ice cream on a stick, is made of the Clase Azul Tequila Ultra premium and the 24-karat gold flakes. The price: 700 €.

Photo: Fleur de Lys. 
In the restaurant Fleur (de Lys in Mandalay Bay, the luxury hotels in Las Vegas) is the burger "Fleur Burger 5000" served. Ingredients: Japanese Kobe beef, foie gras and black truffles. The price is 3800 €.
Photo: Ritz Paris.
 A classic cocktail gives it for 700 €. "The Ritz Sidecar" is served, only in the Hemingway Bar at the Paris Ritz. His secret: an extremely rare Cognac exist from 1865, of which only a few bottles.

Photo: Ciragan Palace Kempinski  in Istambul.

The Sultan's Golden Cake with a coating of 24-karat gold, in the hotel Ciragan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul. The cake cost 762 €.

Photo: Alistair Ferrier.
In a giant Faberge egg, the most expensive chocolate pudding in the world is served. Besides gold and champagne caviar, him adorns a two carat. He may be ordered for 25 000 €  in Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in England.

Photo: ZFL PRCo
 According to the Guinness book, he is the most expensive cocktail in the world: a cost of € 5535. The Cocktail "27 321" is no longer in  the bar in the exclusive hotel Burj al Arab in Dubai, but only the 55 year old whiskey, "The Macallan" for 3015 €.

Photo: Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York.
We start again with a breakfast in the restaurant "Norma's" in the Le Parker Meridien New York and Palm Springs: "Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata."
Ingredients: six eggs, a lobster and 280 grams of sevruga caviar. The price: $ 1,000 (approx. € 762).

21 December 2011: Bon appetit!


America: Ciao €. If the € drops strengthens the dollar.

2011 - 10 - 12.  Euro crisis - USA Crisis: The world faces enormous problems. But who is really to blame for all the misery? 
The Berlin journalist Ken Jebsen is convinced that an international financial oligarchy has a firm grip on the globe.  
The roots of poverty rampant in the United States.
Private U.S. American rating agencies are being used as political tools,  by competitors from the old world back in his place. Source: Kopp-Verlag  
  Video Ken Jebsen.

Japan please, keep it safe, for younger generations.

    The Japanese nuclear plant where radioactive water leaked. © AP
December 10, 2011: Japanese reactor leaking 1.8 tons of radioactive water.
The cooling system in a Japanese nuclear plant yesterday appears to be 1.8 tons of radioactive water leaked. It was collected in the building. The water is not released and there is no risk to human health and the environment, they told.

A few days ago was about 45 tons of water, that was contaminated with radioactive strontium-90, from an installation of Fukushima I, to be leaked. Approximately 150 liters of them ended up in the Pacific.

The safety of nuclear plants in Japan is under a magnifying glass after the problems at Fukushima I. The complex north of Tokyo was heavily damaged by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11. The surrounding area became radioactively contaminated, making it uninhabitable, possibly for decades.
(AFP / AFP / RTR / Editorial).

According to the Japanese, there is nothing wrong people
1.8 tons is only 2 cubic meters of water, so you can just keep swimming!


Brussels: This shows our Brussels EU summit- democracy and their true "refined" caracter.

Read more:  French President refuses to hand Cameron. In a split second, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy to show how he really feels about the British Prime Minister Cameron.

Last update on 9th December 2011
After a grueling night of reflection on the EU summit in Brussels, which is imaged to see how Sarkozy  very cunning the hand of Cameron refuses, by emphatically waving to another person.
LONDON - The demands of the British Prime Minister David Cameron at the EU summit on resolving the debt crisis, were reasonable and modest.

Cameron has justified his opposition on Friday morning on an EU treaty amendment as "tough but good decision." "If we get no protection clauses, it is better to stay outside," he said.
He was happy to be not in Schengen, and happy to have not adopted the € for projects of other States, for a deal to rescue the €. Cameron said: "We wish you all the best."

Well done! Mr.David Cameron You have chosen to your citizens!


Russia: Russian Democracy in 2011.

Foto: AFP
2011 /8/12 : The movement "Other Russia" reported ten arrests in their ranks. The group "for honest elections" called on several social networks for Saturday, at a demonstration in central Moscow.

Foto: Esquire  - Alexei Nawalny.
2011 /8/12In Russia, however, there is ONE man who rises to stardom in the meantime, the Russian anti-Kremlin movement: Alexei Nawalny (35).

2011 /10/12-UPDATE:   Blogger Alexei Navalni call to the Russians, "to throw off their chains." "We are not cattle or slaves. We have a voice and power to defend it.

2011 /21/12-UPDATE: Russian opposition leader released after 15 days jail
Alexei Navalny talk to the press after his release word. © AP

2011 /21/12 : Two leaders of Russia's opposition parties are released from prison in Moscow. She stayed there 15 days. Alexei Yashin and Ilya Navalny were arrested one day after the elections.

Next Saturday is again a national protest on the program. (AP / Editorial)

Europe: Start the money presses!

December 8 /  2011: A number of central banks in Europe, preparing for the possible departure of eurozone countries and the collapse of the currency union.
photo: dabt.
Thus investigating the central bank of Ireland or the access to printing presses to secure in the event of new banknotes to be printed.

Last updated: December 24, 2011: 
Two large banks, prepare for an end system of the Eur
LONDON - Two major banks have already taken measures to prepare for the abolition of the Eur.
Computer systems of these banks are again equipped to act, among other Greek drachmas and Italian lira.


Germany: Again safely parking, high deposits with ECB for our super state Europe.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011  FRANKFURT - The mutual trust bank is still not back.
Tuesday, banks have again a considerable amount transferred "our" nearly 325 billion Euros to the night office of the European Central Bank (ECB).

The high deposits point to the continuing turmoil in the European financial industry, say market researchers. Banks therefore prefer to spend their surplus funds temporarily to the ECB than they are at a higher interest to lend to each other.

The European Central Bank (ECB).
325 billion Euros put aside for the expensive luxury cars and redundancy arrangements for Europe minister-bungler's and other Brussels-Europe- profiteers, and entrepreneurs have to fight for a little credit!
Yes, it is a part of the story ... All the money goes to big brother "ECB" now almost completely super-board of Europe in Brussels.
As I wrote before, All national rights to the  European super state, without being asked anything to their European citizens and the Europe States.

And their European citizens must now economise in in times of (the money system) the crisis.
The ECB has reduces interest rates, and  the variable interest Rabo- bank is higher  now.
And European bank rates are on average 30% higher in 2011.So  If  You can see, there is no more benefits for bank-consumers.

EU seeks 2 big emergency funds.
Last updated: December 7, 2011.
BRUSSELS - The debt crisis, and the weak Europe zone.
The temporary support fund EFSF should continue as planned, as permanent fund ESM takes effect.
But now there are plans for the ESM, one year earlier to start and maintain the EFSF.
Welcome for each new  European dear foolish citizen.
You should not more think, No, we do it for You.
But You must just work, a lot harder,
and You must much, more years longer to work. 

You give us your love,
and keep our sweet European- dream machine warm.


America: Metalmorphosis Sculpture by David Cerny.


Metalmorphosis is a stainless steel water fountain sculpture by Czech Republic artist David Cerny.
It is located in Charlotte, NC USA.