Netherlands focuses themselves, with 13 other countries a 'coalition for free Internet'

THE HAGUE (Reuters) - Netherlands attracts the years to almost 6 million for Internet freedom. 

The money is mainly spent on initiatives to support bloggers and cyber activists in countries where the population is suppressed.

Uri Rosenthal announced that Minister of Foreign Affairs on Thursday in The Hague, prior to a conference organized by him on the free internet. More and more countries try to control the Internet, making the digital freedom of expression is limited.


By the will of the EU. Power, is the Greece now on third-world- level.

19 century slave ship

It was once again paid a high price in order to gain time. The crazy  billion-dollar aid,  does not benefit the Greek economy, but is only  the creditors!

 Dapd-  20 century  EU- dictatorship

On the stock exchanges, the "alleged" rescue of the banks will be celebrated, but not the salvation of Greece. But still denied the European Union- mainstream this knowledge. But long this will no longer succeed.

UPDATE: Price Greek debt is become very much a political commitment.

The top E.U.- officials were not against any form of restructuring of the Greek debt. They wanted an open debate prevent,  so as it quickly and in silence could be realized.


O dear, nearly everything for free for Euro-MPs

The household budget of the elite E.U.- wellness- club. 

The EU. promotes crime and instability.

Irritation and poverty and racism grows by the high Europe unemployment. 
The whole E.U., should be abolished and replaced by an free trade treaty.
The E.U. has too often shown,  that it is unable, to govern with a fair, human,  transparent and democratic way.

Banks fall over, houses are on the street no more stones to sell, and the unemployment figures rise like a rocket. The whole world is groaning and supports under the recession. The whole world? but not in Brussels, the European Parliament. That's almost very good because even with the economy. Thanks to Europe's 500 million taxpayers.

"Household Book of the Euro-parliamentarian."

Dutch Euro-MPs have to make do with 92,899.87 Euros each year, excluding year-end bonus.
But fortunately for them, there are a number of other tax benefits.
Language and computer courses are funded by you. And of course, you pay also their travel and accommodation.

All 736 Euro-MPs enjoy a free (well, you pay) accident insurance and a free travel insurance and life insurance. Health? Free for both Euro-MPs himself as his or her relatives.
And not some silly basic package. No, everything is paid for: eyeglasses, contact lenses, dental treatment, hydrotherapy, mud baths, aerosol therapy and acupuncture.
Even when Euro-MPs  stop working, they retain up to two years, above mentioned- benefits. Including the joys and EU discounts at restaurants, cafes, libraries and telephone.

RTL TV- Germany found out, that MEP's, still  earn (steal) 14,727 per month
by just before the weekend., to sign an E.U.- attendance list.

Euro-MPs also receive 267 EUR per day as compensation expense. Bills need not be submitted.
So every week, they put an " today I was here"- stamp  in the Euro- parliament for  receive 267 EUR per day.
-( this is sick no press freedom)
Based on 40 weeks per year, yet again, 75,000 euros.
Retirement? Of course, albeit, at a special reduced EU tax rate (13 to 17 percent depending on family circumstances).

Inflation correction of 34 percent.

And then there is always the possibility to hire a relative, as an assistant,
they just Declare.
and  till 2014, can a Euro-MPs  their relative in any case stay on the payroll.
Additional income from this special trick? Some 60,000 euro.
Since  Euro-MPs  have 190,000 euros per year to distribute. Was also slightly lower, but the E.U. has  themselves in five years an inflation of 34 percent! applied.

Travel expenses?  All  Euro-MPs Declaring .
3750 euro annually may also be claimed for trips around the world, whenever the Euro-MPs can demonstrate that it has something to do with the European Parliament. Fill out declarations on a subtropical island, is work, so legitimate.

Broom closet as an office 45000 euro.
In addition, has each  Euro-MPs entitled to two fully furnished offices at your expense and an office in the country of origin. That may be for example, the broom closet at their homes.
Free live so for each  Euro-MPs, and  you pay.

When added together, the  Euro-MPs receives an average, annual 416,000 euro salary, expense allowances and pension. A term of five years, thus provides more than two million euros. And a monthly fee, for office- needs of € 4202.

Or as the Times writes, with a bit of good financial advisor keep your thick 200,000 a year, which equates to one million per term. Without interest.

Yes, but suddenly you know

You want also to life like an Euro-MPs....
Or, as David Craig of The Times says: "I ​​soon Realised, That the whole EU project and the whole E.U.- Institutions are hijacked by an arrogant, self-serving and undemocratic elite.
And they are all, become increasingly isolated, with more and more disdainful  for all the Europe- citizens, and these Europe- citizens pay for  their shameless salaries, expenses and all inns. "
BRAVO Mr. David Craig of The Times. You deserve a  very BIG prize!

The writer from the research of the article "Household Book of the E.U.- parliamentarian" is the journalist Dominique Weesie.