07/ 04/ Turkish update: Erdogan will not negotiate

07 jun 2013, Erdogan will not negotiate
6 Jun 2013 - At a press conference he said that despite all the protests Turkish government continues with plans for Istanbul's Taksim Square.
Erdogan dictates with support from the EU Brussels and the U.S.  Nuff said.

Türkei: Börse unter Druck, Investoren werden nervös.
Erdoğans Festhalten am Bau eines Einkaufszentrums im Gezi Park von Istanbul hat sich negativ auf die Istanbuler Börse ausgewirkt. Der Index fiel im Tagesverlauf zeitweise auf ein Jahrestief. Die Investoren sind verunsichert, wie es in der Türkei weitergehen wird. 

06 jun 2013, Demonstranten Turkije en regering Erdogan lijnrecht tegenover elkaar 

Waar zijn ze  mee bezig?
Een premier die weggaat als er rellen zijn. Een premier die gewoon een dictator is. Een premier die door het Westen ondersteunt wordt maar ondertussen de Islam invoert en alle plekken waar Westers-gezinde mensen samenkomen wil wil zetten met Moskeeën om het gebied te claimen.

DDS sprak de afgelopen dagen met actievoerders in Izmir en Istanbul. Een verslag.

04 jun 2013, Gezi Parkı direnişini gündüz,gece,iyi,kötü her yönüyle sizlere sunuyoruz...

Travel Park, der Widerstand der Tag, Nacht, gut, schlecht, bieten wir alle Aspekte der ...we present to you Taksim Gezi park boycott with all ways; day and night, with good sides and bad sides
La matin , la nuit avec les cotes bonnes ou mal ; nous vous presentons la resistance du parc de 'Gezi' dans tous les aspects

FEMEN supported Turkish revolution! 

FEMEN supports brave Turkish activists! 
Activists who are not scared of gas, bullets and violence of police. FEMEN is joining the fight for liberation of Turkey from oppressive government! As you are we are against islamisation of Turkey! They cannot cut down your rights as they cut down the trees at Taksim square.
Turkish women join forces, fight for your rights and freedom of your country. No to islamism! Yes to freedom!

03 jun 2013, Today again: Geopolitical intent +  This is Geopolitical intent pure, with fear, dictate - with brainwashing pure: goodbye bye Erdogan goodbye  Assid,  ruled by civil war!

+ See those forces of Tayyip! police against Turkish citizens!+
We are very interested if Obama and EU- Brussel will say that Erdogan must go. 
+ Discover the difference Ega Erdogan, ega Assad.
 + Erdogan and Turkish media also, ignores everything and everyone +      Erdogan wants Handedly an Arab dictatorship!

Erdogan isn't democratically elected, and democracy does not exist here! Erdogan bought his votes!
It happens in europe , the Netherlands !

"For Turkish population, is it just enough."

Why are the Turkish people fighting? Hope that clears certain things up for the people abroad. Please share, if you can. Thanks a lot for watching.

Stay off secular Republic of Turkey 

Erdogan walk the streets , you can see  Turkye want keep, the continue the legacy of Attatürk

2013Erdugan deprives the people one by one all rights.
What is Erdugans democracy?  If you determine how women should dress and act?
If hospitals perform abortions without anesthetic, as caesarean be banned!
And you have to bear,  five children, For the state?
He want nurture and educate our children in his Islamic schools, wat  he had build intentionally, for the poor,  everywhere!


2012: Erdogan, with  meanwhile, vile cunning and deceit and certainly with respect to all the lies regarding Syria .... Syria

Syria - Terrorists are getting trained in Turkish Terror Camps.
The Turkish government is not only supporting to smuggle weapons and terrorists to Syria everyday. They have opened Terror camps near the borders to train Terrorists of Syrian and foreign backround.
Report from the Internet pages 02-09-2012

 Sad photo, no Joy and Smile radiates from it.

»»1997 Metropolis Istanbul (Constantinople):  in the town of Siirt , Erdogan reads a poem by Ziya Gökalp with the phrase:
"Minarets are our bayonets,
domes our helmets,
mosques our barracks
and the faithful our soldiers."

One issue. "The electronic election system developed by the Islamist charlatan Fettullah Gulen, who is residing in a 100 acres of land a palaca like villa in Pensilvenia has developed such a unique system that it picks up to 15% of the votes from the other parties and then gives it to AKP collectively!

The second one: is that even the economy and the management is at the miserable state, EU thought that Erdogan was easier to manage and supported him unlimited.
They, as usual have never thought that this had given a tremendeous boost to islamist fundamentalism in Turkey and on the Turks in EU!
This is the second mistake.

Then Erdogan jailed any possible or alternative opponent and as a result 42 000 innocent outstanding turks are now in jail since 3 – 5 years, without even knowing what they are accused of.
Police and the jurisdiction are totally in the hands of these Islamist Dictatorship.

Finally, there is just a misarable opposition!
That is our fault.

There is a lot more to say!
Kind regards:  Mustafa


This is Geopolitical intent pure  With fear, dictate -  This is brainwashing pure: Bye bye Erdogan  bye bye Assid,  ruled by civil war!
16 mei 2013: President Obama, speaking at a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, says that Turkey and the U.S. agree that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad must give up power to a transitional government.
03 jun, Well, We are very interested if Obama will also say that "Erdogan must go".  
We also are very interested if EU- BRUSSELS will say that "Erdogan must go"

But they don't. It's their script.

»»1997 Metropolis Istanbul (Constantinople):  in the town of Siirt , Erdogan reads a poem by Ziya Gökalp with the phrase:
"Minarets are our bayonets,
domes our helmets,
mosques our barracks
and the faithful our soldiers."

Discover the difference

 Ega: Erdogan

Ega: Assad

 The Turkish, innocent woman in the red dress is sprayed with tear gas
by the Turkish police.
© Reuters.

Turkish unions announce actions against harsh police action.
The dome organization officials of trade unions (KESK) will keep "warning strike" on Tuesday and Wednesday.
"The state terror against mass protests have again demonstrated the hostility of the AK Party against democracy," the statement said. 
The KESK consists of 11 unions with a total of about 240,000 members.

Universal support: We Share  TURKISH REBEL IN 90 SECONDS!

Dutch>>>Te triest voor woorden. De vrijheden die wij gewend zijn normaal te vinden proberen zij daar te veroveren 
terwijl in Europa dezelfde vrijheden al gruwelijk worden ingeperkt tot zelfs de media (niet voor dierenliefhebbers) 

De EU is machtsgeil en dictatoriaal. Parasiteert op ons, en misbruikt ons op meedogenloze en gewetenloze wijze, neemt ons geld en onze rechten af 
De EU bemoeit zich met zaken die werkelijk bespottelijk zijn, zoals het niet mogen navullen van flesjes olijfolie in de horeca en niet meer je eigen gewassen met je eigen zaadjes mogen telen.
We zijn met de EU zelf al terug in de middeleeuwen waar landheren en overheid arbeiders uitbuitten.
EU is voortzetting van de "Duitsland - Frankrijk strijd die al bijna 100 jaar aan de gang is. Voorheen was Engeland de tegenstander van de Fransen.
En ondertussen onderhandelt de EU vrolijk verder met deze bandiet en zijn trawanten. Respect voor de Turkse bevolking die wel actie durven te ondernemen.

01 jun 2013:  At present, now: environmentalists win. Police retreat from smoking Taksim Square 
You brave turkish people  

  01 jun 2013

Protesters have taken over Taksim Square after Turkish police began to retreat from the square located in the centre of Istanbul on Saturday afternoon. After a barrack was set on fire, police took away barricades and allowed thousands of demonstrators on the square. A mixture of protesters have gathered on the square to protest against the Erdogan-government. Popular Turkish actors and actors have joined the crowd. Supporters from arch-rivals Fenerbahce and Galatasaray, two Istanbul football clubs, are said to be standing side-by-side to express their discontent with the government.

According to various sources on social media Turkish officials have shut down Twitter and Facebook, for anyone near Taksim Square, to preventing the anti-government protests to spill over further. Others report the police are jamming cell phones. Human Rights Watch has urged Erdogan's government to "end police violence and excessive use of force" against protesters across Turkey.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on demonstrators to end their protest, but remained defiant in his speech Saturday. He said the government would press ahead with the redevelopment plans at Taksim that sparked the demonstrations 5 days ago in Istanbul. What started as a peaceful protest against the bulldozing of trees in the Taksim Gezi Park, has transformed into a nationwide protest overnight. In Ankara police are preventing protesters to move towards the Prime Ministers' office.

Riot police have reacted to the protests by using tear gas, pepper spray, firing gas canisters and spraying water cannons - injuring hundreds of people with some unverified reports of deaths. As news of police repression spread, so did dissent with key cities including the capital Ankara and the third largest city Izmir facing street protests. The reaction of the security services has fuelled the flames of rebellion and consolidated the growing sentiment that Turkish democracy is under threat.

Some protesters have called the movement "Occupy Gize", referencing the Western movement against inequality. Anger towards Erdogan has been growing for a number of reasons, particularly the "Islamification" of secular Turkey. Restriction on the sale of alcohol have been imposed just and a couple received a warning of authorities after kissing publicly in the Ankara metro.

Another reason is his perceived subservience to NATO and Western governments, particularly regarding Syria. After the bombing in Reyhanli, many Turkish youth ascribed blame directly upon Erdogan for taking a position on Syria that threatens the stability of the region and Turkey itself.


 Istanbul under Attack by own government +Please help to spread the news over the world!!!

  Istanbul:government used  excessive violence, killed, force, torture against peaceful protestors 

»Many  Dead and wounded People in Istanbul protests Erdogan block all news!

»QUOTE; "You know something's wrong when citizens have to turn to foreign TV stations to know what's happening in their own city

»Police have been using excessive force against "peaceful" protestors in Taksim, Turkey for three days.


» Police are not above the law!!
I think these ones are mercenaries.

Spread this video,
make it seen by international NGO's and anyone sensitive about human rights.
the Turkish people!

Achtung EU: Eurogendfor» die Privatarmee der EU immer  bereit zum Abmarsch !  auch in der Türkei (Jandarma)?? Is this correct?
in Blog :  Die EU gab Heimlich Millionen Steuergelder an Rüstungsbedarf.

» Diktator Erdogan ist zu weit gegangen!!
ISTANBUL -"Erdogan einfach zu weit weg ist", sagt sagt Cengiz Aktar, Professor für Politikwissenschaft und politischer Analyst über die Ursache der Proteste in Istanbul. Die Proteste begannen dort, aber haben sich schnell über das ganze Land verteilt.

  »Greeting to all  : HOLD ON IN TURKEY- Keep it safe!

 ALSO Greeting  to  GERMANY TODAY:  A very, peacefully Blockupy -Demo der EZB in Frankfurt.


»Attention: It's a lie of erdogan: "worldwide is used teargas"!!.  

» German In Frankfurt photo, they used  Confetti for the police

A very, peacefullyAll people are brave and proud!!  Massive demonstrations are scheduled 
 Tom. At 1:00PM in a lot of people are traveling from other cities to join .

»  Dutch news: Betogers opnieuw slaags met politie Istanbul

Turkse rellen breiden zich uit in Antalya, Ankara, Bodrum, Izmir, en in vele andere steden in Turkije met doden en al ruim 100 gewonden burgers.
De Turkse media geeft weinig aandacht hiervoor maar de social media blijven hier volop aandacht schenken. 
Turkse Leger:  «Eurogendfor»??!! !

Er gaan geruchten dat de Turkse leger gaat ingrijpen als de situatie niet onder controle krijgen. De Turkse volk is hiervoor erg bang niemand wilt dat het Turkse leger ingrijpt dit zijn aldus de geruchten die gaande zijn.

Tevens gaan de geruchten dat  honderden Turkse politieagenten ontslag hebben ingediend
Eurogendfor» die Privatarmee der EU immer  bereit zum Abmarsch ! BeobachterstatusTürkei (Jandarma)
  Die EU gab Heimlich Millionen Steuergelder an Rüstungsbedarf.

»Turks who aren't in Istanbul and don't get their news from the Internet may have no idea anything is even going on here now.

»Live: İzmir direnişi canlı yayın Konya, Bodrum, Adana. İzmir'de yaşayan bir vatandaş, İzmir direnişini canlı olarak yayınlıyor. İşte o görüntüler.


>>Gezi parkındaki jammerler 3g bağlantısını etkiliyor ama yayın aracı sorunsuz @degirmencirfan ile Taksim'e varmak üzereyiz<<<

»According Twitter is the 3G network shut down. Retailers put their wifi open.

 Turks are marching to parliament!!!at

» Youtube:      Ankara Kızılay Meydanı ve Olgunlar Sokak Gezi Parkı Polis

Woman reportedly killed at #Taksim
after the police fired a tear gas canister at her head, in her car #occupygezi

According to the news article I read, she's a Palestinian with Turkish citizenship who was hit in the head with a tear gas grenade at a protest rally.
Edit: Here's another image which shoes a large pool of blood under her head in the grass, as well as one showing her bleeding from the eyes. I see she's not dead...
Poor girl. There you are, lying their in dirty  and the whole world is watching.
UPDATE: A Egyptian woman (Lavna Allani) with head injury was taken to hospital. Her medical condition is critical and skull is broken.

moongoloid: RT Tear gas used against unarmed protesters in #Turkey today: Made in USA: http://t.co/kEAtEl4BFZ 

 Shouts:"The government should resign!"   

Metropolis Istanbul (Constantinople
During a political rally on December 6, 1997 in the town of Siirt , Erdogan reads a poem by Ziya Gökalp with the phrase: "Minarets are our bayonets, domes our helmets, mosques our barracks and the faithful our soldiers."
Because of this poem, was Erdoğan on April 12, 1998 was sentenced to six months prison for threatening the strand Kemalist regime.
Erdogan was forced to give up. His position as mayor of Istanbul
I think this has something to do with it. Down with Erdogan. It is 2013!

"So langsam wird Erdogans wahres Gesicht auch in der Türkei wahrgenommen".
Man muss sich mal vorstellen, er hat verboten, dass Krankenwagen zu den Demonstranten fahren um sie zu versorgen. Habe ich soeben von einem Bekannten aus der Türkei erfahren.
Viele in der Türkei sind gegen Erdogans Willkürlichen Führungsstil und dem ständig mehr werdenden Einfluss der Muslime, siehe u.a. das neue Alkohol Gesetz.
Wenn dem nicht schnellstens Einhalt geboten wird, wird Erdogan Stück für Stück die Türkei als zurück in einen reinen Muslim Staat umwandeln.

risinggalaxy: (via FB):Ankara,Turkey 31-05-13 Now Brutal Repression against protesters in solidarity with their Comrades in Istanbul http://t.co/XqFuCJC9Zh

They want their freedom! They will never allow Erdogan she throws in a sort of Colonel-dogmas, terrorism, NO SHARIA state!

A dispute over the destruction of a park in Istanbul in Turkey has sparked a wave of protests that has now captured several cities!

 Ryan_Browne_: Istanbul protests RT @Guldenay007 For those who want 2 understand what is happening in Istanbul with #occupygezi http://t.co/EInLVaQXx2

--It was first a protest against the felling of trees in the center square of Istanbul, but because the police used disproportionate force things got out of hand. Now it is no longer a protest against the felling of trees, but against the AKP government. that all force permits.

BRAVO or<rumor:> 400 police officers resigned because of the incident. Soldiers give gas masks to protesters

Merkezi İstanbul'da bulunan ve kısa adı SODAP olan platformun yayın organı Sosyalist Dayanışma dergisidir[2].

Michelle9647: @onur_aksoy #occupygezi Turkeys world famous painter Mehmet Guleryuz: Govt will say protesters are all terrorists! http://t.co/c59gKvXrq8

Blackeye131: RT @brcsenay Terrifying results of brutal police attack in Taksim, Istanbul today. #istanbul #Turkey #ocuppygezi http://t.co/3QVxSE6NgK

Murat_SENCAN: @cnnbrk democracy is end in turkey !! Turkish police killing and beating  people !! #occupygezipark http://t.co/IuJmSbdDiw

and beating also older  people!!

 asmnc: @YourAnonNews Turkish police attacks rioters with tear bombs. Rubber bullets used. #occupygezi #direngeziparki http://t.co/NGxwDoTNZj

 ozhakikifiriman: @ruckawriter 00:15 PM in Istanbul. This is a protest against police violence. Local media is silent! Please RT http://t.co/MJakzwY76D

ismail özdemir: @washingtonpost @nytimes @WSJ Istanbul is under fire!!! @Obama2012 please help us! Police is killing innocent people http://t.co/CmfJqRLh89

runswithwaves: RT @e_horace Hundreds of new support for police has come to Taksim to attack!! #direngeziparki #occupygezi http://t.co/XwHNVuyvVu

UgurKAZDAL: RT @alisteaparty Istanbul under attack by the police following orders of the government today. #diregeziparkı http://t.co/S0nSvIuLxd #o…

bayanaak: @BBCBreaking This man was shooted by police minutes ago!  Please support turkish protestors !!!! #support #occupygezi http://t.co/8BtnxJw2Zm

altugozaslan: RT @Econometrist Police throw Teargas from helicopter http://t.co/HjKi7MgrQc #istanbul #turkey

CihanUner: RT @sakkilic This innocent man lost his ear, because of police attack #occupygezi http://t.co/8TpKmevrqj

DUMANIST: No human rights in Turkey, Taksim! They killed people who tried to protect nature! @bbc @cnn http://t.co/uECQPJxPk2

Michelle9647: RT @OnlyFreeThought Police burning the tents of the peaceful protesters… #occupygezi http://t.co/A4aCZfAWN7

shabbirghewalla: @MortenHj Demonstrations all over Turkey. I have been to 4 of these cities :) http://t.co/oCyRyIMjUx